SugarCRM agenda view

Fluid. Fast. Smart.

The mobile is designed to use intuitively following your thought.

It is smart, for examples:

Log call: Place Calls from any view in just one click and log the calls into the CRM.

Mail merge: Use CRM email template to quickly send email with dynamic fields filled.

All. Offline.

Yathit Mobile App for SugarCRM / SuiteCRM supports all modules in your CRM.

View record of any module and fields including custom modules and custom fields.

All records can be browsed, search and filtered with your condition. The filter can be saved, so that you can quickly review the records again and again.

The app works offline, so that all your data are available in most needed time.

Create. Edit. Relate.

Core crm features like creating, editing, relating between records are worked as you might expect.

Create or edit records with custom fields.

Link related: Create or remove related records.

Manage meeting attendee: Add or remove meeting attendee.


Quick progress of your business by looking at graph and charts. You can create charts with your specified filters and matrix.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How much it will cost?

Our mobile application is free (with ad), but require either in-app subscription or site domain license to unlock all features. In-app subscription cost 5 $ / month / user. Custom mobiles app for your specifically for your CRM is also available.

Do I need to install Sugar plugin?

No. Server-side installation is not required since we use REST API.

What edition of SugarCRM/SuiteCRM are supported?

We support all versions and edition of SuiteCRM or SugarCRM. Any variance of open source Sugar CE versions will work as long as your server support REST API.

Does LDAP SSO supported?

Yes. Yathit mobile app recognized LDAP authentication automatically and will use LDAP SSO authentication.