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Bring SuiteCRM to your mobile phone

Yathit keeps you in the loop when you’re out of the office. Updates your coworkers make to SuiteCRM will show up in Yathit, so you always have the latest information. You can also update from the field, so your coworkers have immediate access to new developments.

Yathit frees you from your heavy, and sometimes distracting, laptop. With just the smartphone you already own, you can access the full power of your SuiteCRM database, no matter where you are.

Always available

At big conferences, WiFi and mobile internet can slow to a crawl. Yathit allows you to access your database offline, so you can keep working even when you can’t get a reliable signal.

You can even add prospects or update contact information while offline. Yathit will save these edits and send the updates to your server when a connection is restored.

No need to press any buttons. No need to change the state of the app. No need to worry. Seamless transitions let you spend more time working and less time managing data.

The app that works for you

This app is designed by salespeople, for salespeople. We know that you don’t want to spend time wrangling an app, especially when you could spend that time with potential clients.

Yathit comes with a clean, simple interface that can get you wherever you need to go in just a few taps.

Most CRM apps require a server-side plugin. Installing those apps runs the risk of damaging or deleting your data. Avoid catastrophe with Yathit, which does not need a server-side plugin.

Consequently, integration is fast and easy. Just download it to your phone, log in, and you’ll have mobile access to your SuiteCRM data on the go.

Set alerts

Tasks coming due. Meetings about to start. Opportunities that only last so long.

There’s a lot to manage in sales, and even the most organized salespeople sometimes drop the ball.

Yathit features push notifications that show up on your lock screen. Forget about unreliable browser-based CRM alerts. Yathit delivers notifications directly to your phone, ensuring you’re always on time and prepared.

Travel a lot? No worries. Yathit automatically updates to the time zone you’re in, so you can stay at the top of your game, even when you’re far from home.

Deep integration

You could access your SuiteCRM data through a mobile web browser, but you’d be wasting your smartphone’s power. With your phone, you’re holding your contacts and potential clients in your hand. Yathit puts them to use.

Call your contacts with a single tap through the app, and Yathit automatically logs those calls, so you can keep track of who you’ve spoken with, and when, without having to enter the information manually.

You can further transform your phone into a powerful mobile workstation with Yathit by importing contact information from Suite CRM.

Keeping track of PDFs and other files has never been easier. Any attachment opened through your email in Yathit is saved, so you have access to it, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

You can also take advantage of your phone’s camera, uploading images directly to your SuiteCRM database and tie them to relevant records in just a few steps.

Do you take verbal notes? Yathit allows you to record your thoughts and then upload them to your database as a voice note.

Yathit is more than just a way to see your CRM data on your phone. It’s a way to boost your productivity and your sales, using a tool you already carry everywhere.

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Map your clients

See where your contacts, leads, opportunities, and other records are with Yathit’s robust mapping feature. Easily accessible from the home page, the mapping feature helps you better understand your clients, and lets you map out routes so you can make multiple efficient stops in one trip.

You can also search for contacts near a location, to make the most of your out-of-office time.

Yathit automatically updates the time zone for mapped clients, so you always know when it’s safe to call or drop by their offices.


How much it will cost?

Yathit Mobile App is free on Android and iOS app stores, but additional modules require 1 USD / module / user / month. Corporate License and custom app are available from our partner, diligent technology & business consulting AG.

Do I need to install Sugar plugin?

No. Server-side installation is not required since we use REST API.

What edition of SugarCRM/SuiteCRM are supported?

We support all versions and edition of SuiteCRM or SugarCRM. Any variance of open source Sugar CE versions will work as long as your server support REST API.

Does LDAP SSO supported?

Yes. Yathit mobile app recognized LDAP authentication automatically and will use LDAP SSO authentication.