Do common SugarCRM tasks
inside your Gmail.

Focus on Security

We design pure client side app that directly works on your browser and server. Your data never get out of your hand, privacy is ensured.

Extremely Fast

Even if you SugarCRM is slow, you will still get 20 ms respond time for most cases. Browser database is our bread and butter.


Configure the way you wanted by script or just point and click user interface. All of your custom module and fields are supported.

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Archive Emails to SugarCRM

Automatically relate both incoming and outbound emails to contact and account records. Or specify exactly how you want each email to relate in SugarCRM, even to custom fields and records.

Include attachment with archived email or upload separately to Document record.

Solve your CRM adoption crisis by automatically tracking and displaying which emails you've logged to SugarCRM with Yathit InboxCRM.

Use SugarCRM template in Gmail

Access your SugarCRM templates, merge applicable fields, edit where necessary, and send a customize email right from your compose window. Access SugarCRM email templates where you need them most — the inbox! Click the Templates button while in your compose email to access your SugarCRM templates.

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Create or edit SugarCRM records

Quickly create or edit SugarCRM record inside Gmail. All editable fields are supported. The following Modules are available out-of-the box and other can be configured.

  • Ac Accounts
  • Cs Cases
  • Ca Calls
  • Co Contacts
  • Le Leads
  • Me Meetings
  • No Notes
  • Op Opportunities
  • Ta Tasks

Auto-View Contextual SugarCRM Info

Instantly know who you are talking with and the status of your customer relationship. As you open an email, you will immediately see a snapshot summary of the sender's records in SugarCRM, including a summary of open and closed Opportunities and Cases, upcoming and past activities, and much more. You’ll also see valuable contact information like their location, phone number and social mediation update. Use this information to craft your emails with full knowledge of the customer, and avoid having to look them up in SugarCRM.

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Track email

Track any (or all) emails you’ve sent. That means you can receive notifications when an email is opened, replied to, or when links inside your emails are clicked. All that data is accessible from the side panel.

Tracking emails lets you see how your customers and prospects are responding to your messages, providing valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. See when, where, and on what device your emails are being read and what the level of engagement is. Test which emails see better conversions, make necessary adjustments, and see your productivity skyrocket!

Empower with social information

In additional to displaying contact information in your CRM, Yathit Chrome Extension also provides publicly available or your social media information. You can view brief bio information on the network, photo, a link to public profile page, status updates or activity feed, etc.

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Sync Contacts and Calendar

Automatically keep track of who you’ve met with and when. All of your events are synced between SugarCRM and your Google calendar, so you only have to keep track of one calendar. We also relate events to attendees' records in SugarCRM. Not only do you have a record of your meetings, but they are related to the people you've invited to them as well.

You can sync either with personal or custom calendar.

Contact sync also support personal and custom Gmail contact group. | +65 6610 4544

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