Saving message

You can save current Gmail message in one click, if the target email is in the CRM. Simpley click SAVE action button in the Message Section.

Saving email message in Gmail web site

Saving email message in Mobile Gmail App

Email record

The save email message includes

  1. Subject for Email record name
  2. Statue for ‘read’
  3. description for message plain text
  4. description_html for message in HTML format
  5. type for ‘archive’
  6. mailbox_id for your Gmail address
  7. message_id for target message id
  8. date_sent for time stamp of the message sent
  9. assigned_user_id for current CRM user login id
  10. from_addr for message FROM email address
  11. to_addrs for message TO email addresses
  12. to_addrs_names for message TO email names and addresses
  13. cc_addrs for message CC email addresses
  14. cc_addrs_names for message CC email names and addresses
  15. parent_type for target record module name
  16. parent_name for name of target record
  17. parent_id for target record id


You can upload attachment in one click.

After you have save the message, you can upload attachments of the message by clicking attachment button on each attachment item.

Uploading attachment in Gmail web site

Uploading attachment in Gmail mobile app

Uploading attachment without saving

If you did not saved the message, you can still upload the attachment itself to Documents module in a similar way as uploading attachment, but the icon as shown as .