Email Tracking Setting

To configure the email tracking settings, visit the Email Tracking Setting in the sidebar. Once you have accessed the Email Tracking Setting in the sidebar, you will see that by default email tracking is on. Here you can decide whether to keep the tracking on or not by following the processes given below.

Default email tracking setting

As per the default settings, it is your decision to track the email or not. You can do so by clicking the Eye button . The green eye button indicates email tracking is enabled. While, the light gray colored eye button indicates tracking is disabled.

Apart from enabling or disabling the email tracking, you can decide if you want to track all your emails, irrespective of which client the email belongs to.

You can also opt for the “Track normally” option that enables initial tracking. And, if you do not want to track the email you can select the “Do not track normally” option.

Furthermore, if you click the “Disable tracking” option, you can hide the eye button. With this option, email tracking will be disabled as well.


When a tracked email is open or a tracked link is click, by default, it will be notify via Browser notification. The notification can be enable or disable in the Archive Setting Panel.

To change the setting, go to Email Archive Setting in Setting panel, , in the side bar. Expend Notification section in the Email Archive Setting.


Yathit server also has a unique feature. With this feature, if you are receiving a signal from a website and if you do not want to track that person, you can do so by entering his/ her email address in the do-not-track members list. On tracking, the beacon slips the members list, even if you select the address for tracking. With this feature, any email address from the list is ignored. However, any existing signal that is found has to be deleted manually.