There are two types of Yathit license 1) Individual license and 2) Site license (also called domain license, instance license or corporate license).

Individual license

You can purchase yearly subscription for individual license. Individual license is tie to your Google account (Gmail or G-Suite) and valid for any CRM instance.

You need to login to Yathit via Yathit Chrome Extension to receive the license.

Site license

You can purchase yearly subscription for all users in your CRM instance. After purchase, you will be ask to provide your CRM portal URL for activation.

When users login to your CRM, end user licenses are activated automatically.

Checking license

You can check these licenses in ‘About’ panel in chrome extension as shown below.

In the above example in the screen, site license is activated while no individual license.

Use ‘Refresh’ button (see in the above image) to re-check if you still does not receive end user license for your CRM site license.