We announced our intention to retired email tracking feature in our Yathit Chrome Extension on early December 2020 via email. The main reason is that email tracking via using invisible image is not reliable over time. There is also increase privacy requirement depending on the country you live in.

Since several of our customers are using the features, to have more time, we will provide one more year for email tracking to existing customer. If you want to use the email tracking feature, you may need to enable the email tracking setting, which is off by default now.

We are deprecating non-essential features, so that we can more focus on core feature of the product. You may notice that improvement in reliability and ability to select contact from CRM in the Gmail compose panel. In the near future, record detail view and editing view will use CRM meta data so that you can view and edit the fields as configured in your CRM backend.

Email tracking feature will be remove on December 28, 2021 in Yathit Chrome Extension. If you still need to use the feature please check out dedicated email tracking service like Mail Track.