Yathit commented Sep 13, 2018

Developer Mode introduce additional functionality mostly are for logging, viewing raw data, preparing bug report, viewing performance statistic and enabling upcoming features.

To turn on Developer Mode, go to Settings page from app drawer menu by tapping 'Settings' menu item. In the Setting page, tap 'Developer' to view Developer Settings page. There you can turn on 'Developer Mode' as shown in screenshot below:

developer mode

Yathit commented May 14, 2021

Thanks for the report. This happen, running out of time when searching the CRM, mainly happen on the first addon show. The issue is slight improve by removing searching on target module.

Refreshing will not work, since the addon server will show the cache result. However refreshing is good idea, we will think about implementing refreshing link in case of "No match in CRM".

Yathit commented Feb 17, 2021

For partnership, please check out this page https://www.yathit.com/sugar-mobile-app/partner.html

Yathit commented Jan 13, 2021

For any mobile support question, send your support email request from the Yathit Mobile App so that it has basic information about your app and subscription status. To do so, tap Hamburger menu Icons on the top left corner. When app drawer menu appear, click 'Support' menu item, this will launch your default Email app with pre-filled email message about your app information. Write your problem/feature request above the message. Then send the email to the pre-filled email address support@yathit.com.


Yathit commented Nov 23, 2018

The items you have purchased or subscribed are available when you change phone. You are entitled your purchases as long as you login with your account Google Play Store or App Store in your phone.

However sometime, if you purchases are not available, you may manually restore purchase. To do that open App Drawer Menu to go to App Settings > Premium Features > By Product Item. In the Premium Features page, you will check your purchases.

The item you have purchased are indicate with trophy. Features available to you are highlighted.

To restore purchases, tap overflow menu on the top right and tap 'Restore purchase'.


Also notice that your active number of purchase items and its available features are also shown in toast message.


Each of your purchase has some entitlements. You may also view your entitlements by tapping 'Display entitlements' in the overflow menu.


Yathit commented Dec 31, 2020

We announced our intention to retired email tracking feature in our Yathit Chrome Extension on early December 2020 via email. The main reason is that email tracking via using invisible image is not reliable over time. There is also increase privacy requirement depending on the country you live in.

Since several of our customers are using the features, to have more time, we will provide one more year for email tracking to existing customer. If you want to use the email tracking feature, you may need to enable the email tracking setting, which is off by default now.

We are deprecating non-essential features, so that we can more focus on core feature of the product. You may notice that improvement in reliability and ability to select contact from CRM in the Gmail compose panel. In the near future, record detail view and editing view will use CRM meta data so that you can view and edit the fields as configured in your CRM backend.

Email tracking feature will be remove on December 28, 2021 in Yathit Chrome Extension. If you still need to use the feature please check out dedicated email tracking service like Mail Track.

Yathit commented Dec 15, 2020

To canter for each user, Yathit Mobile App provide various in-app product with differing pricing and features they entitled. Each add-on product has detail page with features entitled for the product. You can also tap to the feature tile which explain how it works.


Yathit commented Jul 4, 2017

Chrome extension are automatically updated and hence manual updating is not required. Auto update take about few hours to a day from the new version release. Closing and re-launching Chrome browser may update the extension automatically. Disable and re-enable the extension from Chrome Extension page (chrome://extensions) may reset or update the extension. Current version number can be found in Chrome Web Store. Check your extension version in About panel (below).

version check

Manually updating an extension

Chrome updates extensions on its own schedule, in the unfortunate event an extension is broken, and you don't want to wait for the update process to start.

manual update

Here's how you can manually update your Google Chrome extensions:

  1. Visit to Chrome extension manage page by visiting to chrome://extensions in your address bar. Look for Yathit Chrome Extension and note the version number besides.
  2. Switch to developer mode by clicking the Developer Mode button on the right side of the header. From there, you should see the "Update" button.
  3. Click Update extensions now button on the top right. You may see version number of Yathit InboxCRM Extension is increased. Verify that Yathit Chrome Extension is updated.
  4. Uncheck Developer Mode.
  5. Restart your browser to take effect.
Yathit commented Aug 25, 2020

Reminder panel appears in Call and Meeting module in Sugar/SuiteCRM, which control when to show alert or send reminder email. In the mobile app, the reminder panel is collapsed initially. To view click expand button beside reminder label.

Updating reminder requires write permission to Reminder and ReminderInvitee modules, only admin has access right when updating from REST API.


Yathit commented Feb 26, 2020

Empty login page will be display, when you select 'Add A Sugar Account' in app drawer header menu, so that you can add new CRM URL. The login page will not go away unless you enter a valid CRM URL in the input box. If you do not have another CRM, you can return to old CRM by selecting it on the popup menu beside the input dialog box.


Yathit commented Aug 19, 2020

Yes, but require Yathit Mobile App plugin.


Yathit commented Aug 24, 2020

You can quickly create a contact or lead record during logging a call. To do so, expand 'Create an invitee' panel by tapping down arrow. Then 'As Contact' or 'As Lead' buttons appear and tap accordingly. Create a new record by entering first, last and email field. The newly created record will be related to the newly created Calls.


Yathit commented Aug 17, 2020

When logging a call, you may need to create a new contact as well. To create a new contact while creating call, you still tap to link button to bing up selecting existing new contact. In the selection dialog, there is an option to create a new Contact.

To do so, tap 'New' on contact selection dialog as shown below:


Yathit commented Aug 2, 2020

Sorry, no. Only Gmail or G-Suite account is supported.

Yathit commented Jul 11, 2018

Yathit Chrome Extension has two type of licenses, 1) individual and 2) site license. Individual license activation requires to login to the Chrome extension. Site license activation requires to login to your CRM. See license management for more detail.

You can check these licenses in 'About' panel in chrome extension as shown below.

about panel

In the above example in the screen, site license is activated while no individual license.

Yathit commented Apr 11, 2020

You can quickly swap phone number fields such as mobile phone number and office phone number.

Like so, in record view, long tap the phone number to bring in-line editing. There is a toolbar above the popup virtual keyboard. Tap 'Swap fields' icon button to swap the fields as follow:


Yathit commented Apr 8, 2020

Yathit Mobile App use dynamic text, which increase or decrease text size base on system wide text size setting.

To adjust text size in Yathit Mobile App, change Text Size in iOS and Font Size in Android.

Yathit commented Feb 29, 2020

[Singapore, Mar 1, 2020] Yathit and diligent technology & business consulting AG today announced a strategic partnership that aims to provide better Corporate Licensing and Custom Mobile App. Yathit is a startup company and very proud to be a partner with diligent, an independent IT-Consultancy and Business Firm which is specialized in supporting clients on their journey to digital transformation. Founded in 2009, the company have supported thousands of customers in various operational and strategic IT projects – and assisted clients in all phase of their businesses, IT, and digital transformation. Today, as diligent continues to meet all the needs of every client, the strategic partnership made with Yathit is expected to address the speeding better up and changing world of SuiteCRM.

Yathit is the first to offer native Android mobile app and iOS mobile app for SuiteCRM. Yathit brings SuiteCRM to a mobile phone, keeping every user in the loop even when out of the office. Yathit mobile app provides convenient access to all SugarCRM/SuiteCRM information, which includes Activities, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and custom Sugar modules. Yathit mobile app frees users from a heavy and distracting laptop. Thus, with just a smartphone on hand, anyone can have access to the full power of the SuiteCRM database – anytime and anywhere. For all SuiteCRM users, Yathit and diligent’s partnership makes it possible to customize the app exactly the way customers need it.

Yathit solutions are best known for their simple to get started features without needing server-side backend implementation. With this move, diligent will provide the domain knowledge, along with its years of integrating SuiteCRM and sales networks. This partnership means working hand in hand on shared and joint growth plans, marketing activities, and business development to enable both companies to grow and develop a strong bond, provide solutions, and market-leading service for customers.

As a company with a profound dedication to providing a custom mobile app, Yathit is combining strengths with diligent to help transform Yathit into great customer service experience solutions. The Yathit SuiteCRM mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. CRM users will enjoy the numerous benefits of the SuiteCRM Custom App, such as preparing for meetings with quick access to contact, account and opportunity information, meetings and log calls, work through the task lists by adding or completing new tasks. Users can get connected to the entire contact list by initiating email, text, or phone call.

Over the past decade, Yathit has been providing better SuiteCRM solutions. Whether customers need assistance or planning to use SuiteCRM mobile app, Yathit and diligent’s partnership embodies the fusion of expertise and years of diligent provision of domain knowledge, SuiteCRM integration as well as sales networks in the industry.

About diligent

diligent technology & business consulting AG is an international Business and IT-Consultancy firm with headquarters in Frankfurt/Germany and offices in Budapest and Milan, serving customers all over Europe.

diligent is the leading SuiteCRM consulting company in German-speaking countries and official SuiteCRM code partner from the very beginning. diligent supports clients from various industries and countries to adapt the software flexibly to their individual needs and requirements and to develop the system further according the given client specifications.

Besides this, diligent also offers SuiteCRM hosting & support as well as different kind of user, admin & developer trainings.


diligent technology & business consulting AG
Website: https://www.dtbc.eu
Email: info@dtbc.eu

Schumannstraße 41
60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 (69) 1 75 36 60 – 0
Fax: +49 (69) 1 75 36 60 – 99

About Yathit

Yathit specializes in Mobile App, Chrome Extension and Gmail Addon development for SuiteCRM featuring fast modern user experience. Yathit solutions are known for simple to get started without requiring server-side backend implementation. Yathit is based in Singapore and its products and services are used by over 600 small and medium size companies from 19 countries.


Website: https://www.yathit.com
Email: info@yathit.com
683A Jurong West Central 1
#09-118 Singapore 641683

Yathit commented Mar 24, 2020

Yathit Mobile App uses CRM subpanel layout metadata from get_module_layout REST API to render related panel.

Please verify that subpanel metadata in the app, as shown in the animated gif. In this example there are many panels to show related fields.


If the panels list metadata is not empty, but related panel is still empty, please [contact us](mailto: support@yathit.com).

If the panels list metadata is empty, contact your CRM administrator to check subpanel layout is configured to display some related data.

Yathit commented Mar 22, 2020

Instead of importing all CRM contacts to phone, by using CRM contacts as Contact Provider, you can use CRM contact directly in your phone (similar to what WhatsApp, Vibers, does). Will that solve your problem?