Mobile CRM is no longer just a mere trend. In fact, it has grown to become one of the most important tools for customer-oriented businesses to implement if they want to emerge victorious over their competitors. In a mobile-oriented world, customer interactions and relations can no longer be limited to laptops and desktops. The Yathit Mobile App is here to make Mobile CRM a reality for both SuiteCRM and SugarCRM users. The app provides this service in an efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective way.

Yathit mobile app offers you with convenient access to all your SuiteCRM/SugarCRM information such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Activities. It works with all SugarCRM versions including the community edition of SugarCRM. With an interface perfectly optimized for phones and tablets, Yathit will take your business to the next level.

Key Features of Yathit Mobile App for SuiteCRM

Access to Account, Contact, and Opportunity Information

With Yathit, you can search or browse contacts to your SuiteCRM or SugarCRM in just a few clicks. Upon maturity of leads, you can then convert them into contacts, accounts, and opportunities. Since it provides you with a list of all your activities, you can do early follow-ups, making it hard for you to miss any opportunities.

Log Calls and Meetings

With Yathit, you can place calls from anywhere and log calls and meetings from contacts added in the CRM. After completing a call, you can always log it to your contact in CRM, an action that will immediately generate new records in the call module.

Search and Browse Records

The “Modules” tab on Yathit enables you to see all your records across all modules. You have the option to customize the modules that you would like shown or hidden. The record list can be filtered by fields to view exactly type of records you want to see. The list can be sorted. Furthermore, the search engine is powerful but simple. With it, you can easily query different parts of your CRM and surface relevant results.

View Record In Detail

In the detailed view, click an email address to send an email using the email template from your CRM. Yathit Mobile App will merge dynamic fields in the template with selected contact record. You get the opportunity to enrich your contacts, leads, and accounts with updated information as you progress or make more insights. Yathit is fully dynamic and includes every client’s touchpoint at every step of his/her lifecycle. This gives you, as the sales representative, an opportunity to efficiently close deals and then review your performance. With the ability to receive instantaneous updates, you can ensure no missed opportunities.

Work Offline

A great thing about this mobile app is that it works offline. With Yathit, you are able to do customer relationship management even while offline. Upon reconnecting to the internet, you can synchronize your offline data across CRM.

Visualization using Charts

You can do a quick assessment of your business by analyzing provided charts and graphs. These performance metrics will give insights in regards to your business’ life cycle. The application can also give you real-time insights, which help you sell a lot faster and easily by boosting sales with analytics. Information and insights from Yathit will assist you to make smart decisions concerning your business.

Manage your Scheduling

Yathit mobile app comes with an in-built calendar that lets you manage your scheduling, meetings, and appointments. You only have to assign a date to a certain task or meeting and Yathit will show you a full agenda for the day you select. That includes calls, meetings, opportunities, and tasks.


One of the most useful features of Yathit is that it reminds you of important activities that you had scheduled. On top of this, it assists you to track future dates, plans, and activities. Therefore, be it a follow-up email or quick sales call, you can know it all.

24/7 CRM Management

Yathit is a distinctive CRM mobile application for sales representatives interested in managing their Suite/Sugar CRM remotely.

Set Up Preferences

Yathit has App Settings, which allow you to modify different things like your personal information, change passwords, and modify modules, among other things. All alterations you make are automatically updated on the app.

Yathit’s Elegant User Interface

Yathit provides you with a high-end dashboard, which offers shortcuts compatible with different processes of your website alongside a quick summary of your business. With the app, you are able to track opportunities and the health of your organization. Moreover, its menu is customizable and you can add your own items or replace existing ones.

Advantages of using Mobile Apps for Customer Relationship Management

Here are some benefits of using mobile apps for CRM:

Increased Sales

Having CRM access from a mobile application provides sales professionals with instant access to product details, price details, sales, and promotional activities. With a CRM mobile app, they can identify promotional opportunities and launch them to customers without having to wait to be at their work desks. The ability to respond to customers’ queries instantly and access to their shopping trends helps to boost sales.

Call Management

While on call with a potential client, a sales executive can simultaneously note down points using the mobile CRM app. For example, if the customer is bargaining a certain order, you can calculate the best price for the best possible profit on your mobile CRM app. Through this, you can act quickly to offer deals to win over the client. Furthermore, you can schedule meetings, calculate outstanding amounts, and edit contact details while still on the call.

Lastly, the app can automatically log your call.

Customer Satisfaction

Mobile CRM enhances customer service, leading to customer satisfaction. With mobile apps for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM, sales representatives can respond to clients quickly, which makes customers feel they are working with an organized organization. These happy customers remain loyal to the business and keep coming back. Delayed responses are unacceptable by a customer, who knows that there are better services in the market.

Information Insight

A mobile CRM app is not just about customer relationship management – it holds key information about your business. This makes it a valuable tool for any kind of business that wants to succeed. Sales executives can access data fed by representatives and implement it for further development of the business.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Mobile CRM helps sell your products and services faster. In addition to this, it enables sales professionals to explore opportunities, and access current prices, inventory, and any other information needed to deal with clients, making the sales cycle shorter.

Time Management

Mobile CRM provides a great time-management tool. For instance, a sales manager does not have to be at the office to answer to clients, send emails, or track more leads. Instead, they can do these activities on their CRM app while on the go.

Why Yathit Mobile App?

Yathit is the best mobile app for your SuiteCRM. You just need to download the application and connect the two platforms. Since it is a native app, it is optimized for an ideal user experience on Android and IOS. With Yathit, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a mobile CRM system such anytime anywhere data update, 24/7 customer engagement, more CRM adoption amongst employees, and many more.

Never Miss a Follow Up with Yathit Mobile for SuiteCRM

As a business owner, you ought to keep connected with your customers. Yathit provides you with an incredible resource for all your communications, meaning you can contact all your prospects from the application. This feature helps extend your CRM potential to unimaginable heights.

How Much Does Yathit Mobile Cost?

Yathit Mobile app for SuiteCRM/SugarCRM is free – comes with ads. However, the free version does not offer many features. To unlock more, you have to purchase a subscription, which costs $5 per month/user.

How Does Yathit Mobile App Work?

Installing and using Yathit Mobile App is quite easy. Follow the following steps to download and install Yathit:

  • Download Yathit from either Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (IOS). No server side installation required.
  • Wait for installation to complete, and then start the application.
  • Read and accept the license agreement.
  • Enter the URL you use to access SuiteCRM or SugarCRM information.
  • Enter your username followed by your password.
  • You will be logged in to your CRM, where you can now synchronize your data.


Anyone who uses SuiteCRM or SugarCRM is aware of the many limitations, which Mail module has – the interface is not flexible and the search engine is quite poor. Yathit has managed to create an incredible link between Gmail and CRM, making Customer Relationship Management a great pleasure. The best thing about Yathit is that they offer a mobile application, which lets you access CRM from your mobile phone. With this app, professionals can update and sync data while on the move, follow up with leads, share real-time data, and do so much more.

The Yathit app shortens the sales cycles by assisting sale professionals to nurture their leads. It also helps sales teams create opportunities, streamline order management, and customize sales processes. Implementing Yathit Mobile App will assist your marketing team to target customers in a unique way that is not possible on desktop CRMs. Furthermore, it helps your customer service team to resolve problems much quicker because of easy accessibility. This helps boost overall customer satisfaction.