TapCRM already had an admirable list of features and Live Tracking adds to this impressive list. It works based on Google Maps Places API. Google Maps is constantly updating the maps and therefore, the Live Tracking feature will be able to pull live data from it, to display in the TapCRM app. Google Maps API integration provides accurate map data.

The Live Tracking feature also shows the meetings that the sales representatives have already had during the day and the one that they are yet to have. This prevents miscommunication with a customer as well as within the team.

TapCRM’s Live Tracking feature elevates the use of their mobile app CRM. In the long run, it can help prevent waste of fuel, time, as well as money.

The live Tracking feature is accessible only by the admin so that they can keep a track of each representative, but the representative does have to give consent for sharing their location data. Only then will the admin be able to track them. Live Tracking - An Exclusive CRM Mobile App Feature

Along with location tracking, Live Tracking also has a check-in, checkout feature. The Check-in feature shows the data of all the meetings that representatives have to go to, and the checkout feature indicates the meeting that has already taken place. In future versions, there will be an indicator to show on-going meetings.