Track Email

SugarCRM provides you an option to keep a track on who is opening the email you have sent, when the email has been opened, where the email has been opened, and if the links embedded in the email are clicked. Let us see how does it work.

How to track an email

To track an outbound email, select the Tracking check box. This option allows you to know who has opened your email or/and clicked the links in the email. It also provides information about the time and the location when and where the email has been opened and the links are clicked.

The main advantage of this feature is that the person who receives the email will never know about the email tracking. He or she will only perform the activities as a normal recipient.

For more detail see How email tracking works.

Link tracking is very easy with Yathit. You can easily embed a link within your email. When the recipient will click the link, you will get a notification about the same.

To ensure that the link tracking is being done, you will have to select the Tracking check box while creating an email. Any hyperlink embedded in the email will be tracked automatically once the Tracking check box is selected. You need not to do anything else.

Get notified

Do you want to receive notifications when a recipient opens the email or clicks the link?

The “get notification” feature provides you real-time notification in Google Chrome browser as soon as the recipient opens a recently tracked email or clicks the link.

Easy to view tracking

To see the status of your tracked message, just look beside the Gmail message thread.

The tracked emails are viewable via extension Option Page.