Mobile app notification are an excellent way of calling user’s attention. Mobile notification could be triggered by Reminders or SuiteCRM Alerts.

Turn on notification in notification setting page - to do so tap from Home Page and tap Setting menu item, and then tap .


In Call and Meeting record, there are option to have popup and email reminder. If popup is set, you will get mobile app notification.

SuiteCRM Alerts

SuiteCRM Alerts are an excellent way of calling user’s attention immediately as it happens.

You can customize additional alerts such as when a Task is assigned to a user using Workflow or Logic hook. Once an alerts is created, the assigned user of the Alert record will receive notification in Yathit mobile app immediately. Alert record’s title and description will be display in the notification. If url_redirect field of the Alert record is set, the redirected record will be displayed upon tapping on the notification.

Real-time alert notificatioin requires installation of Yathit Mobile App Service Plugin via SuiteCRM admin portal.