Home Page

You can go to home page by clicking button, in drawer side menu, . Like SugarCRM portal home page, it can be configured with dashlets.

App Style

Home page have two styles, Simple and Standard (premium).

Simple App Style

The default simple app style Home page shows Calendar. Tasks, Calls and Meetings assigned to the target user is marked by a red dot (for Task) and sweeping arc (yellow for Meetings and Blue for Calls) representing appointment period.

The target user name (“Max Jenson” in the screenshot) is shown on top left of the calendar, which is default to login user. Tap on the name to change the target user. Current calendar month (“2020 September” in the screenshot) is shown on top right. You can change calendar month by sweeping the calendar or tapping on the label to select a date.

In addition to calendar, global search and map are available by tapping Search , Map icons on the top.

Tap , to configure additional dashlets.

Standard App Style

The Home page has a bottom navigation bar to quickly access to different screens. These navigation tabs are customizable. By default it has Home, Agenda , Search , Map and Dashlets tab. The first tab in the Home page is Module screen.

View more detail about each screen detail in

Dashlet setup

Initially home page only show Calendar (premium feature). Tap , to configure additional dashlets.

Preset dashlets

Preset filter for commonly used record list by sale rep. Tap PRESET button and select preset list to add a preset dashlet in the panel.

  • Recent preset show list of any record that is recently view.
  • Upcoming preset show upcoming activities record for Task, Case, Meeting and Opportunity.
  • Task Due Now preset list overdue tasks.
  • Tasks To Do preset list upcoming tasks.
  • Tasks Today preset list upcoming tasks due today.
  • Meetings Upcoming preset list upcoming meetings.
  • Meetings History preset list meetings held.
  • Calls Upcoming preset list upcoming calls.
  • Calls History preset list previous calls made.
  • Contacts by lead source preset show pie chart of contacts by lead source.
  • Sale stage funnel preset show sale funnel.
  • Tasks status preset show bar chart by Task status.

Module dashlets

Module dashlet show list of record with custom filter and ordering.

Chart dashlets

Yathit is great for people who prefer visual information too, through built-in chart and graph dashlets. Chart dashlet show either of bar, pie or funnel chart.

Dashlet management

To hide a dashlet, click on the more menu and top Hide. All hided dashlet are appear in ARCHIVE list. You can show or delete from the list. To delete an item, swap the item.