To change application settings, go to setting page via drawer side menu, from Home Page and tap Setting menu item, .

Premium Features

Yathit Mobile App can be used free with limited features and limited number of modules. Some features are also available for limited period of times for first time user. Full feature can be upgraded by in-app purchase in iOS or Android app stores for your mobile account.

You may also purchase CRM Site License which unlock features for all users.


Options to change appearance of the app including app style and theme.


Yathit Mobile app support the following 10 languages.

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Indonesian
  6. Italy
  7. Portuguese
  8. Russian
  9. Urdu
  10. Chinese

By default, app language is set as your mobile phone language if available.

Note: App language is different from CRM language. If you CRM support multiple languages, you can select your CRM language during the login. The app will query your CRM localization and show accordingly such as module name, record field names, etc.

Biometric authentication

For better security, you may enable requiring biometric authentication to use Yathit Mobile App. Depending on your mobile phone capability biometric authentication could be FaceID or finger print.

Sugar Settings

Tap Sugar Settings menu item to go to Sugar Setting page. The Sugar Setting page show information about your CRM server, site license status and additional settings.

If you CRM have multiple language, you can change your CRM language here.

CRM Site License status is shown as ‘Yes’ if available, otherwise ‘No’. If site license is activated after you launch the app, refresh the site license by tapping on the ‘Site License’ label. This will bring up bottom menu for refresh action.

You can also view CRM metadata which define module layout and crm localization. Due to large size of CRM metadata, CRM metadata are refresh only once a week. If you want to refresh immediately, can refresh by tapping refresh icon in the CRM metadata page.