The Yathit mobile app for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM provides a simple, fast, and effective way to access vital customer information from a mobile device. Yathit is designed to work flawlessly across smartphones and tablets and is available on both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

Yathit’s responsive interface puts your contact, account, lead, activity, calendar, map, dashlet, and module information at your fingertips. You can easily add, edit, and retrieve records, for effortless relationship management, wherever you are.


  1. View, search, edit, delete or create record from any module, including custom module and manage relationships.
  2. Place calls from phone numbers.
  3. View attached media files including image, PDF, voice recording and video.
  4. Upload any file from you phone to CRM.
  5. Import or export CRM contact to Phone contact.
  6. Seamlessly work offline. Offline edited or created records are committed to CRM as soon as phone get connected automatically.
  7. Log call record, manually or automatically.
  8. View records in map. Search nearest record on map.
  9. Scan QR/barcord and update to record field.
  10. Scan business card and create new record.
  11. Use multiple CRM instances and quickly switch among them.
  12. Let your phone notify when a date due.