Record View

To view record detail, tap on a record list item on a Module page or other places like related record list. The Record Page has two panels 1) the Record Detail panel and Related Panel In the Record Detail panel, you all see all the fields as you configured in your CRM.

Call logging

There are some extra features in this Mobile app. Tap on the phone number to Call, SMS, Share or Copy. Tapping on the Call will bring up your default phone dialer app to start making calls. After the call, the app will allow you to quickly log to your CRM. To do that tap on the Record button , and this page just appear. All record details are filled including the link to the Account. To save, just click save. If there is nothing to customize, you can automate this auto-log features by checking ‘auto-log call’ options in the setting.

View map

Tap on the map icon in the address to view it on your Map application.

Email template and mail merge

You can use your CRM email template with mail merge. You can select the template you want to use. Notice that your Cases details like the case number, the case status are filled in the email already.

View attachment

You can view attach file in Document and Note records. Tap the eye icon in the file name field to view the attached file. Note that in email attachment are also Note record as appear in related panel of a Email record.